Helping people shed their stuff (physical, emotional, & spiritual) so they can transition to the next phase of life with confidence, ease, and joy

Melissa Larson
Melissa Larson
Decluttering Expert and Transition Coach

You know how you’ve dreamt forever
about traveling the world


having the perfect job


living in the place that feels like the best place for you?

You have an aspiration, but something is blocking your way. Maybe it’s physical stuff, or people who have expectations for what you SHOULD be doing.

Have you noticed how heavy that feels?

The clutter weighs you down.

I support people to transition into the next big thing in their life.

We start by identifying your unique clutter, I’ll show you how to rid yourself of the heaviness of that clutter.

You’ll learn how to make your move – and make it with confidence and joy!

Find out how I can help you.

Melissa Larson
My name is Melissa Larson

I support people to transition into the next big thing in their life by ridding themselves of the heaviness of their clutter and getting out of their own way SO they can make their move and make it with confidence and joy!

My real job is to be your decluttering fairy godmother.
You do the work. I bring the magic!

When your life is clear of the clutter that weighs you down,
what shows up is

lightness, confidence and clarity

lightness, confidence, and clarity

to move forward as YOU choose

Here’s How I can Help

the next transition on your path to your big life
what type(s) of clutter are getting in your way
Create & Implement
Create & Implement
a plan to declutter your life
Design & Execute
Design & Execute
your uncluttered transition plan
I went from feeling afloat and scattered, asking, ‘What is this existential crisis?’ to contentment and a willingness to entertain feelings.
Kacie B
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