Hi! I’m Melissa Larson. I’m a decluttering expert and transition coach.

Melissa Larson

How I support YOUR decluttering

Am I going to come to your house and organize your stuff?       Uh, NO!!

Am I going to become your personal assistant and organize your calendar, obligations and to do lists?     Uh, NO!!

I WILL guide you through the transition process, decluttering along the way, step by step, so you end up calm and at peace with your choices.

We WILL define what clutter means to YOU so you have clarity about how your decluttered life looks. How has clutter served you?

Then, we get to the specifics: What needs to go? What stays? We’ll get organized about the decluttering process.

Finally, I am going to help you identify which things support YOUR life of fulfillment and peace.

You will:

So that you:

How I work with my clients

I listen and reflect what people are really saying and help them notice and identify and then make choices. I’m also well known for getting things done and totally being a pain in the ass when holding others accountable. At the same time, I’m really sweet and create a safe place where we can partner to implement YOUR big life.

I’ll be there to support you in moving your own clutter (physical or emotional) out of the way so you can CHOOSE your next transition and move into YOUR big life!

You will feel safe and heard with me. I’ve worn many hats over the years — daughter, sister, auntie, wife, working mom, computer techie at a large corporation and community volunteer for organizations that benefit youth.  

In each of these roles I’ve been known as the go-to person people when people need to be heard and fully understood. 

As a part of decluttering and building my big life, I took on my long-time dream of becoming a life coach. 

In 2014, I graduated from Accomplishment Coaching’s year-long accredited program. The program reinforced my conviction that all things are possible and my passion for supporting others as they realize their full potential.

I can do anything!  I feel like I can really do anything! First time I’ve felt absolute belief . . . I can DO anything!  
Cat M

My Superpower is being your decluttering fairy godmother.

You do the work. I bring the magic!

Why I do this work

I am a great organizer and have been since I was little.

I loved to read about organizing. I got joy from creating order out of chaos. Over time, I ended up accumulating a lot of stuff myself, so I’ve spent years practicing and refining new ways to organize all kinds of things.

I also organized my time — calendars, lists, strategies to create order in my life and accomplish what I wanted to get done. I did get a LOT done! I was one of “those people” others would come to when they needed things done!

AND my list of obligations grew and grew; my calendar was beyond packed — often double and triple booked, with a long, long, long list of “to dos”.

From the outside, everything looked great in my life — running like a well-oiled machine. However, I wasn’t taking care of myself or moving in the direction I wanted to move — even though I was sure moving! Several times in my adult life, the chaos of my obligations/calendar/to do lists/stuff overwhelmed me to the point that I became very ill and had to completely check out and do a reset.

I didn’t want to do that anymore. I wanted to focus on MY priorities, MY loves, MY joys (in part coming from bringing joy to others).

I’ve had a great time doing this and moving through major life transitions to build my big life. YOU can do this too — deal with the clutter and transition to YOUR BIG LIFE!

What I believe

“What I know for sure is that when you declutter – whether it’s on your home, your head, or your heart – it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you, your life, and your family.”
Peter Walsh
Professional Organizer

What else

I have lived in or near Seattle most of my life. As a girl, I spent a few years living in Africa — an experience that gave me a taste for worldwide travel. I indulge as often as possible.

I attended Seattle University and graduated with a BA in Mathematics and a teaching certificate. Later, after working several years as an IT professional, I returned to SU for my Masters in Software Engineering in order to grow in my profession.

While I worked at the same company for forty years and moved into more and more technical IT areas, I was always that “odd” IT geek who loved to support, communicate and collaborate with a wide variety of people. Throughout my corporate career, I used my organization, leadership, collaboration, and facilitation skills to help guide developers.

I’m currently enjoying life with my retired Seattle Firefighter husband of more than 40 years.  

We love spending time with our son, daughter-in-law, two lovely grand-fur-baby cats and our sweet and sassy dog (the princess). My passion is creating a home to share with family and friends, as well as traveling the world to explore new places and cultures. I fit in some time for reading and enjoying creative pursuits such as quilting, baking and knitting.